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Your good company will enjoy the following 15 benefits  once join SAG Network:

1. Global coverage, partners in more than 150 countries  and real long term relationship in SAG family.

2. Import routed cargo, export nominations, project cargo and free hand shipments and more between all SAG members.

3. Lowest global rates, more import and export contracts with airlines and shipping lines working as worldwide conglomerate.

4. More sales leads and customers increasing your tangible sales.

5. Global position with worldwide brand.

6. Exporters and importers prefer to work with transnational companies with own offices around the world, now you can be part of this new world logistics alliance.

7. Use of our logo in email signature, business cards, presentations, cars, trucks and more.

8. Our SAG system and internal rules ensure regular traffic between partners.

9. You will received a new email address, for example yourcity/ Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla.  

10. We will incorporate your good company in SAG website as official partner in your city/country.

11. Revelant news, we constantly send a summary of global industry news, and updating the contact list of members, the availability of them, calendar events and communication between all SAG associated.

12. Realibility, SAG team search around globe, looking for the most reliable and stable partners to join  our network.  This is how we ensure quality for all members.

13. SAG is full service network, our members are able to provide air, ocean, inland and also project cargo, oversized, isotanks, perishables, pharma, time-critical, dangerous goods and more.

14. Constantly customer service for all SAG members, our team are ready to assist you in inquiries needed, new

15. Prestiguos , your company gain